We have Girls hostel near to college campus to accommodate students separately. Interested students to stay in the hostel are admitted separately. Hostels are enriched with provision of TV, indoor game, mattress, bed, fan, cot, cook & kitchen, news paper and magazines. The hostel is guided by a warden/ superintendent who takes care of the students. There is a strict time table for the inmates of the hostel. The students are required to sign an undertaking to obey the hostel rules & regulations at the time of applying for hostel. There is a menu of the mess forgiving nutrious & hygienic food. The menu of the hostel is subject to revision from time to time depending upon the availability of the vegetables in different seasons & allied factors. The college takes care of the students which make them feel like a home away from home, the hostel gate is closed at 6.OOpm every day. The indiscipline students are judged by the college authority in a strict vigilance. After two warnings for any violation of rules a student is finally rusticated from the hostel. The hostel meeting is held once in a month where the decisions are taken on the matters relating to discipline, messing and quality of food.