Rules & Regulations

? Regularity: Every student is expected to maintain 100% attendance in the class as well as field work/internship. Absence, without prior permission, may entail     disciplinary action.

? Eligibility to appear for the Examination or be assessed through Assignment in any Course: A student should maintain a minimum of 85% of class attendance     in the course to become eligible to appear for the examination or be accessed through assignment in any course. A student failing to maintain 85% of     attendance in a course will be required to repeat it. However, if and when a student is deputed by the Institute to participate in a seminar, study tour, relief work     or any other programme, approved by the Institute, such an absence will not be counted for computing the minimum required attendance. The students are     required to submit the leave application to the Principal/Director (Dean).

? A supplementary examination will be held after the announcement of the Internal examination. A student who completes the requirements of class attendance     as stipulated but falls ill during the Internal examination, must produce the medical certificate in order to be permitted to appear for the supplementary     examination. However a student not appearing Internal examination will not be entitled for university examination.

? Absence from Field Work/Internship: A student who is absent from field work/internship for more than 4 days in a year, for any reason, will have to     compensate for the absence in accordance with the instruction of the supervisor guide teacher concerned and in consultation with the Field Work Coordinator.     For field work/internship, students shall observe the working days/holidays of their respective field work/internship agency and not those of the Institute. If the     number of holidays of the field work/internship agency exceeds that of the Institute, the student will be assigned alternative work by the supervisor/ guide     teacher.

? Leave up to 7 consecutive days in a year will be considered by the Principal. Leave beyond 7 days will be considered by the Director on the recommendations     of the Principal, provided that the total absence of the student concerned in the courses of the year will be within 15%.

? Late joining in 1st year will be permitted up to one week only on payment of full fees and deposits before the due date. Absence due to late joining will be     treated as leave of absence.

? Special Cases: In very exceptional cases arising from illness or other emergencies, the Director, in consultation with the Principal, may consider condemnation     of the absence exceeding 15%.